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Everything you need to know about our Black Friday Sale

It's almost that time of the year where the temperature soars, the festivities pick up and the money disappears. But,...


How To Clean and Look After Your UGG Boots

You’ve finally accepted UGG boots are back in style. Or maybe you’ve been silently advocating their release from fash...


5 Ways to Style Your UGG Boots

Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa and even the iconic Cher have been spotted wearing the recognisable Aussie brand, with more ...



我们喜爱的.. UGG雪地靴的温暖又舒适。 我们不想... 让我们的UGG靴子过早地被摧毁。 多年来,我们都爱上了UGG靴子,从我们穿上它们的那一刻起。我们往往甚至不愿意把它们取下来。如此一来,我们总是整天穿着它,包括在户外,当穿着...


Happy Fathers Day From Shearers UGG

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday (5th September) so it is time to get your Father's Day gift for dad quickly sor...


Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

It's a special time of the year! A time to be focused... A time to be funny... A time to be humble... A time to celeb...


UGG Cloud MUA Sneaker

At Shearers UGG we always seek new approaches to innovate our brand to our loyal client base, while staying true to ...


Protect Your Uggs From The Rain This Season

Australian's tend to keep their ugg original products for years, so it's important to make sure they are well protect...


Fashion Advice For Styling Ugg Boot

Winter is officially here! So pull out your pair of Shearer’s Ugg boots from the closet, or invest in a new pair, be...


Winter Is Coming 2021 UGG Original Launches NEW 2021 MUA Sneaker & Ugg Boot

Yes its that time of the Year, brace yourself! Winter Is Coming!Thankful you have Shearers UGG to prepare you for the...



You asked, we listened!Introducing Shearers UGG New Rubber base soles! Finally, a lightweight, flexible UGG boot ...


Celebrities Who Also Love UGG Boots!

It's always fascinating to see which celebrities love to wear UGG boots either in the comfort of their homes or beh...
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