Winter Is Coming 2021 UGG Original Launches NEW 2021 MUA Sneaker & Ugg Boot

Winter Is Coming 2021 UGG Original Launches NEW 2021 MUA Sneaker & Ugg Boot

Yes its that time of the Year, brace yourself! Winter Is Coming!
Thankful you have Shearers UGG to prepare you for the season ahead.

Now you might think with global warming, it won't be as cold as the previous years, but you'd be mistaken. Winters in Australia are generally cool with temperatures dropping to as low as 5 degrees Celsius. You might also experience some frosty nights during Australia winter months. June and July are typically the coldest months. So, as we're heading into Australia in winter, make sure you carry suitable clothing.
Uggs are the most ideal footwear for the season ahead, with the interior of UGGs always being high grade merino sheepskin, and exterior of Ugg boots varying from boot to boot. However, the internal insulation of Ugg's is excellent insulation for use in winter boots. Merino wool is extremely warm while still allowing a foot's perspiration to escape, thus keeping the foot dry.
Regardless is you feel the cool in either your home or outside, we've got the UGG boot to suit you needs. We've got over 40 UGG designs to chose from including UGG slippers, Leather UGG boots,  waterproof UGGs, Classic UGGs appropriate for men, women & children. which are Australian Made.

Here's Our Top 3 Recommendations For Indoors

#1 - Ankle Slipper

#2 - 
Classic TAS Slipper

#3 - 
Classic WB Slipper


Here's Our Top 3 Recommendations For Outdoors

#1 - ActivUgg Short Boot


#2 - Classic Long Boot

#3 - Roxy Short Boot


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