Fashion Advice For Styling Ugg Boot

Fashion Advice For Styling Ugg Boot

Winter is officially here! So pull out your pair of Shearer’s Ugg boots from the closet, or invest in a new pair, because Ugg’s are the fashion feature this Season!

Not only are Uggs the most comfortable footwear during the winter season, but also on of the most popular choices worldwide for indoor and outdoor footwear. Not bad for our Australian icon trending all over the world.

Many moons ago, Ugg Boots were deemed a fashion no no, For an unexplainable reason, being caught wearing Uggs outside of the home was once a fashion suicide.

Fast forward to the present, the classic Ugg boot has made an astonishing return within the fashion industry. Now encouraged to be worn for all occasions, throughout all seasons.

Coffee, Breakfast, 

Day dates,


Going to a wedding….

maybe not a wedding.

But just imagine the comfort for that extended period of time…. Arrrhhhh

Right now, a casual, laid back, hipster style sense of style is all the rage right now, so there is no better time to settle into those warm, durable, soft Uggs and relax your feet and mind that this style is so hot right now.

However… there may be certain conditions that the more chilled Ugg look may need to be distingue from classy Ugg-wearer, so let us help you out, ensuring you nail it every time. So follow us down the magical lane to discover how you can make an envy-inspiring fashion statement all year round!

Mini or midi skirt (Its A No)

The main reason for this fashion don’t is due to the wool spilling out from the boot that just doesn’t match up with the fabric to boot ratio or mini or midi skirts. We definitely recommend matching your mini/midi skirts with sandals, wedges, or heels instead.

If you are planning on wearing Uggs for a summery look, wear them with a maxi skirt for a bohemian goddess look.

Leggings or skinny jeans (Its A Yes)

Shearers classic ugg looks fantastic with leggings or skinny jeans as it totally adds definition to yours legs and most colours look fabulous with denim.

Make sure you tuck the bottom hems into your ugg boots. It’s extra comfortable, warmer and it will emphasise your calves.

"Going out” clothes (Its A No)

Now we have all seen certain celebs rocking ball-dresses in Uggs, but in real life it just doesn’t have the same effect.

A cocktail dress, suit or tuxedo are all a glamorous style, the soft woolly, worn look of Ugg boots just takes away from the look you are going for.

Save your Ugg Boots for a more casual outfit and pop them on after you get home, to reward your feet.

Casual Clothes (Its A Yes)

What is a perfect addition to a casual outfit? Uggs.

Match them with Knits, a jumper, hoodie or denim jacket, slim pants or long skirts, extra boojie accessories or minimal, the boho, rugged look is a sure match for anything casual.

Short or long, brown boots are a beautiful colour match with denim or white, team up with a knitted jumper and you have a look! are casual cute with a pair of blue jeans and a knitted jumper. Take the look to the next level and throw on a pair or knee-high Uggs with black ripped jeans or leggings and you have a statement look!

In the Office (Its A Big No)

One of the worst things you can do to your Uggs in a professional setting. Unless you've been working from home due to lock down, we highly advise saving your cosy Shearers UGG for most places, beside the office. Your boss might even have something to say about your chosen attire, so avoid the uncomfortable conversation, and leave the comfort of UGGs for other settings.


Protect My Sheepskin Ugg Boots From The Elements (Its A Yes)

Unfortunately we can’t always predict the weather.

Even in Australia the weather can change hourly, so we always recommend taking the time to ensure you protect your boots from any external damage.

Whether is an unexpected plash or a spit of oil, soap or house hold stain its easy for you to protect them from little everyday accidents.

We recommended any form of trusted suede protector from your local store.

Ugg boots go far beyond a warming comfort for your tootsies, they have become a fashion icon for the casual, hipster, street style trend setter, so wear yours with pride and set the standard for comfort and style means to you!

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