If you're thinking about buying a pair of Shearers UGG boots, you’re most likely wondering what to search for to make sure you get the best possible UGG boot for your dollar. A great quality pair of Shearers UGG boots will last you for a long time, so before you purchase you UGG boots, there’s 5 key features you must consider to make sure you choose the perfect pair of UGG boots.


#1 - Country of Origin

Unfortunately more than 95% of UGG boots on the market are made in China, due to the generic term "UGG" being owned by Deckers Corp internationally, so if you’re after the Australian made UGG boots, you’ll want to pay close attention to where the UGG boots you’re looking at are made. Australian made UGG boots are the best possibly choice when purchasing UGG boots – and not just because they originate from Australia. Contrary to other UGG boots that are factory-produced in China, Vietnam & Philippines, our UGG Boots boots are hand made and one by one picked over by our top quality control team before they’re given the approval by our team & then sent to our customers around the globe. If you're unsure, the best way to check is to look for the sew in label (inside the UGG boots - Will say where it's made), or the details on the packaging to see where the boots you’re looking at were made.


#2 - The Finer Details

When purchasing a pair of Shearers UGG boots, it’s very important to check that you’re getting the quality, that you’re paying for. Make sure you don't rush the purchase and check your boots over, paying close attention to things like marks of glue around the sole of the UGG boots (there should never be any visible glue on or around the outside sole but often visible on some brands’ product images online), other issue may be loose threads, small holes, or scratches marks in the suede leather. If you notice these faults, the UGG boots probably aren’t the quality you’re after.


#3 - Sheepskin Quality 

Many UGG boots retail to save costs on materials will use lower quality sheepskin when manufacturing. For example, when it comes to sheepskin, the quality can vary from A to F. High quality Australian Made UGG boots are generally made from A-Grade quality sheepskin, but we can only speak for ourselves and not other companies. The issue these days is many UGG boots are made out of lower sheepskin such as F-Grade, which does not meet our standards, it's one of the worst grades of sheepskin available, or often, mixed in with a synthetic sheepskin. You generally can notice these poor grade sheepskins for $20-$50 in stores like Target for example. These boots won't have the softness and comfort of Merino sheepskin ugg boots, and instead will feel wiry and thin and won’t provide the warmth or comfort a good pair of UGGs should. Shearers UGG boots use A-Grade Merino sheepskin, with a minimum thickness of 16mm. Which brings us too... 

#4 - Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Yes, we all love a bargain but UGG boots are not one of those things that you can buy for $20-$50 (poorly massed produced, synthetic pair which are made in China and designed to last half a season at best) Once you invest $200, in a pair that will last for for years, it can be hard to choose the UGG Boot that best reflects what you need in a UGG. Shearers UGG boots are made using only the best quality Merino A-Grade sheepskin, in our factory in Sydney, Australia. We meet high working Australia regulations & treat our staff members like family. Our UGG boots may be more expensive than imitations, the quality of our UGG boots is not comparable to other lower grade brands. 

#5 - Size & Fitting

Now UGG boots are not like general shoes, when trying on and purchasing, make sure to purchase UGGs that fit properly and avoid a common mistake of buying a “size up”. All of our UGGs are true to size, meaning you don’t need to adjust or change your size. Our UGG boots should always be a firm fit to begin with, because they will give, stretch at least half a size up.  

Final Note

When you purchase a great pair of UGG boots, not only will they make life a little comfier and cosier, but you'll be living in them through winter season. Do yourself a favour and research using our five useful tips above, and you’ll make the right decision of the right UGG boot for you, that will last many years to come. 


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