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尊敬的顾客, 您好!

这里是澳大利亚UGG原创有限公司 (UGG ORIGINAL PTY LTD), 欢迎您到我们官网 浏览选购所须产品。

我们为您提供直邮我厂产品到中国。请您在选购产品后用中文填写姓名和收货人地址, 收货人中文姓名必须和中国身份姓名相同。

我们在发货后会将发货单付件电邮给您, 您收到发货单一周内请按照发货单上物流公司网址上传您中国身份证的正反面复印件, 以确保您的物件顺利通过中国海关。

注: 根据中国方面要求,我们每个邮件只能放一双羊皮靴发往中国. 

If you are purchasing from China, then you must add the your People's Republic of China Resident Identity Card (resident ID) in order for us to add it to the shipping label. Packages without a resident ID on the shipping label might be destroyed or returned.

We will be following the Chinese shipping logistics to send the parcel to you. When you receive a copy of your shipping information you must upload your Chinese ID information to the shipping company for custom declare.

Important Note: You only can send one pair of the boots a time to China, if you send more than one pair in a parcel at a time it may cost you to pay additional import tax. Import tax will not be accepted as a refund reason if you choose to return the product. 

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