UGG Cloud MUA Sneaker

At Shearers UGG we always seek new approaches to innovate our brand to our loyal client base, while staying true to the key values that represent us, as a brand and as a culture.


These values are comfort, durability, and value. While being a successful UGG manufacturer for over 30 years, we our proud of our largely diverse and unique range of items, such as bags, gloves, and hats. Excited to announce our exclusive new product drop ‘Cloud MUA sneaker’.


As of 2020, Shearers has begun a new product line, aimed at addressing the not only practicality of footwear, but maintaining extreme comfortable. This aesthetically pleasing looking sneaker is also able to relieve stress surrounding the joints and muscles within the lower body, particularly in the ankles and knees. The technological advancements in our new production line have allowed us at Shearer's to produce footwear of the highest quality, that truly sets it apart from any other footwear brand, making this range as one of a kind.


Whether you are looking for everyday comfort from your shoes, practicality for everyday use, general exercise, or easy, quick to get on and out the door footwear, the Cloud MUA sneakers are for you.


This incredible new range holds one amazing feature which always gives piece of mind on wet days and that is the 100% Water resistance fabric. That means dryness in any terrain, removing any issues with the material soaking up moisture. Plus the extra padded sole ensures extreme comfort, breathable mesh inserts, moulded tread, durable rubber outsole for durability and a thick chunky sole for extra support throughout the heel and adding height are all the features that make this shoe one of a kind for versatility, comfort and style.


So now is the time to get your hands on this innovative new additive to your wardrobe. Check out online or head into one of our stores to try on these extra comfy one-of-a-kind Cloud MUA sneakers today.


Features of the Cloud MUA sneaker includes;
  • Water resistance
  • Padded for comfort
  • Breathable mesh inserts
  • Chunky sole for extra support
  • Moulded tread
  • Regular fit
  • Rubber outsole
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Flexible Woollen textile upper


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