We often receive many questions from customers. One of our most popular question is “How can I clean my UGG boots?”. Shearers UGGs are made using the finest Australian A-grade Merino sheepskin, so it is very important to care for your UGG Boots from the time you purchase them.
Even though our UGG boots already have water-resistant protection, we still like to share our experience with maintaining your UGGs in great condition.
The first piece advice we give with UGG Boots, is we recommend that you spray them with 2 coats of suede protector. This will protect them against stain and water marks. Make sure the spray is water-based meaning it will not stain your UGGs to a different color like other oil-based protectors do, like dubbin.
Often our customers don't bother or reject the idea of spraying their Shearers UGGs or slippers, since they are meant to “only going to be worn inside”. Although this might be the case, even wearing your UGG boots, they are still likely to be marked with every day use around the house. We've seen it all, from slipping liquid s onto your UGGs, to opening the fridge door & having food fall directly on them or even while cooking.
Our thankful UGG customer had to say;
"I've made the mistake in past of not spraying my UGG boots, and then found it extremely difficult to clean after i had spilt cooking oil on them. Thank i've learnt from the past & now spray all my boots with UGG protector. It makes cleaning my UGGs so much easier'
Here are some other tips we'd like to share with our customers.
Tips On UGG Boots
What about UGG boots that i've scratched or has dirt on the surface? At Shearers UGG we've seen it all especially scratches... What we'd recommend is using a suede brush & lightly brushing the suede leather. This will even out the suede & back to its natural condition. 
What if i need to wash my UGG boots? There are times where the UGG boots will actually need to be washed, but it's not as often as your might think. We'd recommend maybe at the end of ever winter season, with natural sheepskin shampoo. This is a chemical free shampoo that won't damage your UGG boots, but please make sure you wash them in luke warm to cool warm (Not hot water) 
What if the inside of your UGG boots are feeling compressed flatter, from the time i you bought them. Since we use thick 16mm of merino sheepskin on the inside of your boots, it is likely that you have worn down your innersoles from wear. This is an unavoidable result of well worn UGG boots, but there is a solution... To rejuvenate your UGG boots you can remove the old innersoles, and replacing them with a brand new pair.
We hope this information has been useful & now you know about protecting, cleaning and caring for your UGG boots. This is the key to keeping UGGs looking great for many years to come.
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