Shearers UGG has been a house hold name in Australian Made UGG boots for over 30 years, under company brand name Ugg Original Pty Ltd. You've properly bought and owned a pair of our warm and snug UGG boots, but we'd like to share with you our humble beginnings.

Australian Made UGG boots date as far back as the 1920s. UGG boots became popular among the wool shearers in 1920s, when shearers would take a piece of wool and wrap it around their feet to keep them warm in the colder months. Shearers joked and called them "ugly boots" and with good old-fashioned Aussie slang, quickly got shortened from shearer's ugly boots to UGG boots.

Shearers UGG / UGG Original who has been making Australian UGG boots starting back in 1988, the company began making sheepskin accessories and other products for tourist market, before specialising in the manufacture of high quality UGG boots for both the local and tourist markets.

By the late 1990s, UGGs were booming across the world and media, rising to fame universally on the feet of celebrities, politicians and athletes.

Below you can see Pamela Anderson wearing a pair of UGG boots on the set of Baywatch.

Ugg boot business fined $10,800 for ACT manufacture claim | The Canberra  Times | Canberra, ACT

"UGG" Term 

Late 1990's Deckers Corp had trademark the term UGG internationally, inhibiting the sharing of Australian Made UGGs with 174 countries across the globe, giving only Deckers the ability to sell sheepskin boots called UGG. However, after several years of protracted legal battles led by a group of Australian UGG manufacturers, Deckers lost their trademark in Australia and New Zealand, with our Australian Courts correctly ruling that UGG was not capable of being trademarked by Deckers, given what we all already know: UGG is indeed a generic term for sheepskin boots. 

UGG Isn't Always Australian Made

Unfortunately for our iconic Australian icon, Deckers retains their trademark over UGG in most countries outside Australia and New Zealand, meaning that any “UGG” boots purchased outside of Australia are likely to be Deckers boots (or counterfeits of them), which either way, are not made in Australia. Due to the overriding power of marketing and a multi-billion dollar company, people still believe that what they are purchasing is authentically Australian and genuinely manufactured here. However, the reality is that 96% of the world’s “UGG” products are mass-produced in China, Vietnam and so on.

Shearers UGG / UGG Original Still Going Strong

Today Shearers UGG / UGG Original remains a family owned business that takes pride on remaining Australian in the face of international competition. The company’s values, quality workmanship and Australian standard speak volumes. Every year the company has grown under the watchful eye of it founder Wilson.

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