Happy Fathers Day From Shearers UGG

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday (5th September) so it is time to get your Father's Day gift for dad quickly sorted – ready to spoil Dad!

It can be tricky finding a Father's Day gift that’s cherished and valued for years, Dads can be simple, yet hard to purchase for... but we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love being comfy and cosy all day long! Our entire range of products was created for comfort and style, so you're sure to find something your Dad will love.

For this blog, we have have gone one step further and listed some of your and our favourite men’s UGG boot, shoes and slipper styles  – making it even easier to make Dad’s day special.

In this blog, we share some of our Father's Day Sale for your gift ideas to put a smile on his face. Read on!

#1. ActivUgg Short Boot

ActivUgg short boots are a fantastic choice for Dads who love the comfort of UGG boots inside his castle or wants the option of wearing them outdoors for any occasion & terrains. Walking the dog in the local park, local shops, gardening, etc. Shearers ActivUgg short boots are truly durable & versatile. Best of all you have 4 different colour options to chose from.

ActivUGG 2021 is an new concept brough to you by our design team at Shearers. Australian made, a lightweight and flexible UGG boot utilizing injection Phylon (“IP”) sports shoe sole technology.  IP’s microcellular structure provides a lightweight and flexible sole with excellent cushioning characteristics and low specific gravity, typically less than 0.5kg/m³.

These are guaranteed to be a home run with Dad!

#2. Cloud MUA Sneaker

Comfortable everyday shoes can be very hard to come by for men! We know there are limited options, so we have made sure that our collection has lots to choose from.

Treat your Dad to our new Cloud MUA Sneaker. Shearers has begun a new product line aimed at addressing the practicality of footwear while maintaining a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sneaker that is able to relieve stress surrounding joints and muscles within the lower body, particularly in the ankles and knees. The technological advancements in our new production line has allowed us at Shearers to produce footwear of the highest quality that truly sets it apart as one of a kind.

This pair of these UGG sneakers are available in white and black.

#3. Classic WB Slipper

Shearers UGG Classic WB Slipper are a classic and simple indoor slipper for Dad to lounge around inside the house. Great to pop on straight out of bed, out of the shower, or avoid the cold tile floors dad may experience.

#4. Popo Moccasins

Shearers UGG Popo Moccasins are a design that have been around for over 50 years. Unlike our other UGG scuffs, these Popo Moccasins keep not only your feet warm but your ankles too. The UGG Popo Moccasin ankle Slipper is designed for ultimate comfort and warmth. With a wide range from small to big sizes, there is a size for Dad. Crafted using the highest quality premium grade sheepskin, these slippers are made to last many cosy winters. Designed in a trendy sheepskin moccasins style, that you’ll love to wear inside and outside the house.

#5. Classic Tall Uggs

You wouldn’t think Dad’s would be a fan of tall UGG boots, but you’d be wrong. In fact Classic tall UGG boots, were the first design of Shearers UGG made over 50 years ago. Over the years, there’s been modifications such as laces and bows, but keep it simple for Dad and get him a pair he’ll adore. Classic Tall UGG’s are made from 100% Premium A-grade Australian Sheepskin. The classic of the tall UGG boots.The new design double layer lightweight rubber sole improves the durability and grips to allow you to wear them indoor and outdoor. 


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