Celebrities Who Also Love UGG Boots!

It's always fascinating to see which celebrities love to wear UGG boots either in the comfort of their homes or behind the scenes of our  favourite TV shows and movies.
We've compiled a list of the top 7 most popular celebrities that also love UGGs as much you properly do.

#1 - Kim Kardashian

Kim K UGG Boots
Kim Kardashian has been an UGG lover for decades & she's not shy about it either. You can see her strolling through Hollywood with her Classic Tall UGG boots in black.
#2 - Kyle & Kendal Jenner
Kim has wisely been a great older sister, advising her younger siblings Kyle & Kendal Jenner to also wear UGG boots. The Kendal can be clearly seen in a UGG store loving the Classic Tall UGG design like Kim, but in Chestnut colour. While Kylie is a huge fan of the Anthony Sneaker design in black.

#3 - Jenifer Lopez

Jenifer Lopez has been an huge UGG lover for years, often being photographed on & off stage. There over 10 UGG designs she's worn that have surfaced the internet. Weather she's recording #1 platinum track or memorising her notes for a screen play, she's a huge ambassador for UGGs. J Lo is seen above wearing Short Button Uggs, popular for their easy wearing, warmth & comfort.

#4 - Beyonce

Back in 2004 at the NFL Superbowl, Beyonce famously wore her Classic Tall Sand UGGs tp the pre game viewing. Since then she's said they are one of her favourite pieces of clothing and loves to wear them indoors also with her PJ's.

#5 - Ben Affleck

Not only women celebrities wear UGGs, but also men. Ben Affleck loves to trot around the studio set in his Black Classic Short UGG's. UGG mens designs aren't different to women's, in fact the classic design are unisex.

#6 - Sarah Jessica Parker

On this freezing winter seasons on New York city, Sarah Jessica Parker adores her UGG boots, and uses them on daily occasions.
Another lover of the Classic Short design.


#7 - Nicole Kidman

We don't remember Nicole Kidman's character wearing Uggs in The Goldfinch, and yet, there they are. The Australian superstar shows her patriotism to the Aussie icon by wearing Classic Short UGG boots in Black.
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