The Shearer's Process

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Check out our production process that ensures the highest quality UGG boots

SHEARERS Ugg Boots is quietly growing in recent years as a fashion trend. SHEARERS Ugg Boots are made from high quality Australian Merino Sheepskin. The focus on quality control guarantees every boot in your hand keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

SHEARERS Ugg Boots don’t harm the sheep directly. Sheep farmers sell sheepskin to the boots factory after selling the meat to market to gain extra profit. Therefore, sheep are never actually slaughtered to obtain the sheepskin.

SHEARERS Ugg Boots process includes six stages.

1.    Soaking: sheepskins are rinsed thoroughly in fresh cold water to remove dirt and salt from the wool and pelt.

2.    Fleshing: This step uses a fleshing machine to remove excess fat and tissue for better further process.

3.    Scouring: In this step, surfactants will be used at around 38 degrees to remove dirt and lanolin from the wool.

4.    Pickling: Pickling of sheepskin including soaking and adding salt. These step ensure sheepskin is handy for further process.

5.    Wool and Pelt Dyeing: This process takes about two days to dye and clean.

6.    Finishing: As the final step of ugg boots process, 100% sheepskin will be combined, sheared and sewed to create the boots.

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