The Shearer's Story

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Shearers UGG is a legendary UGG Australia brand, the representative of Australian UGG Boots brand. Shearers UGG's ugg boots are made from 100% high quality Australian natural merino sheepskin, which provides excellent insulation properties, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

The manufacturing process uses a mix of traditional hand craftsmanship and technological innovation to produce a high quality, comfortable and durable product which has attained worldwide acceptance. As a sponsor of Miss Universe, Shearers UGG gained its reputation and worldwide acceptance.



SHEARERS UGG always follows the idea of high quality selection. Each pair of shoes is elaborately made ​​by hand to guarantee it is not only comfortable to wear, but also fashionable and attractive. Shearers UGG's ugg boots are also recognized as fashion products. They became extremely popular and loved by consumers in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, China, South Korea and Other Countries. Shearers UGG's UGG Boots obtain AMAG (Australia Made Australia Grown ) Certification, identified as a Kangaroo in a green triangle, signify Products whose ingredients or production mostly originate from Australia. Australian Made means that the product is substantially transformed in Australia and at least 50 per cent of the cost of production has been incurred in Australia, and Australian Grown means each significant ingredient has been grown in Australia and all or virtually all of the production processes have occurred in Australia.

In the 21st century, SHEARERS UGG will continue to inherit the principle of the past that only use the best material to produce the most comfortable UGG. It will also keep pace with the times, using continuous innovation to let every foot in SHEARERS UGG boots to walk in fashion.

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