UGG means Australian Sheepskin Boots. 

            UGG boots became popular among shearers in the 1920’s. In the colder months the shearers would take a piece
of  wool  from a dead  sheep carcass  and  wrap it around their  feet  to keep them warm. They  referred to them as UGLY
BOOTS. Good old Australian slang shortened  “Shearer’s  ugly boots”  to UGG boots. Thus, UGG  boots date back  as far
as the 1920’s in Australia.. 

            Ugg boots became  popular  because  of  the amazing  comfort  they  bring  to  the  feet.  The  sheepskin  is  made
incredibly  soft  so the boots  are  cosy and snug.  UGG boots  feel more like socks than shoes yet they are tough enough
for  outdoor  use.   The  unique  fleece  insoles  adapt   to  the  natural  contours  of   the  wearer’s   foot   thereby   creating
personalised arch support.           

           Our UGG boots are handcrafted at UGG ORIGINAL PTY LTD using premium quality Australian sheepskins.  
           UGG boots can be worn in winter or summer.In cold weather the plush fleece of UGG boots provides an insulating
layer  by  trapping body heat.  In the heat of summer,  the natural  fibres  of  the  fleece will actually cool the feet by wicking
away  perspiration.  UGG  boots  are made to be worn barefoot  to maximise  the cushioning and warmth provided by the